⁘ Yoni Steam Herbal Blends ⁘

Yoni Steaming is a sacred, ancient practice that is being practiced in many cultures all over the world. Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning source/sacred space. During a Yoni Steam session one takes place above a bowl with hot water infused with plants and flowers. The heat of the water and the qualities of the plants can rise upwards, which stimulates the blood flow of the womb. Some benefits are: 

• Regulation of the menstrual cycle • Hormonal balance • Support detoxification • Less PMS and cramps • Higher libido and fertility • Support the lymphs • Relaxing the pelvic area • Strengthening of the womb • Less menopauze symptoms • Connection to inner Divine Feminine • Tap into intuition • Support healing (emotional, ancestral, etc.) •

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⁘ Menstrual Alchemy ⁘

Women are Alchemists by nature. What that means is that women are physically and energetically build to create and sustain life, but also to destroy. The menstrual cycle is one of the many gifts of transmuting energy that women naturally carry. Every month a woman has the chance to go through a portal of death and rebirth (menstruation).

Menstruation Alchemy is the art of awakening female expression, intuition, healing and empowerment through the fertility cycle. And to learn how to dance to the rhythm of our own inner, changeable, feminine energetic flows. Which results in developing a stronger connection with our bodies, Mother Earth and thus our intuition.

With more than six years of personal experience and education on Menstrual Alchemy I'm able to offer personal advice, inspiration, and guidance for those willing to dive deeper into the magic of their menstrual cycle.

⁘ Womb Blessing Ceremony ⁘

For self love, deep connection to your womb and emotional/ancestral healing. Depending on personal situation may or may not include:

• Womb Reiki • Moxa • Navel candle • Yoni steam • Sananga, Rose, Blue Lotus or other plant medicine • Crystals • Sound healing • Sacred scents • Energetic cleansing • Breathwork •

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